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AMPS (Architecture, Media, Politics, Society) is an international nonprofit research organisation. Its journal is Architecture_MPS. The journal is published by UCL Press. Current issue here.


AMPS:    The research organisation includes both academics and universities internationally. It has two current programmes: 1. Housing-Critical Futures | 2. The Mediated City


Architecture_MPS:      An open access journal  |  Double blind peer-reviewed |  Interdisciplinary | 8 issues per year | One article per issue | Back issues | Submissions 


AMPS sees the definition, debates and concerns of the built environment as intrinsic to those at the heart of other social, cultural and political discourses. The territory it seeks to explore is an overlaid terrain in which the physical, material and the environmental are critically examined through the prism of the cultural, the mediatic, the social and the political.

Its focus is cross disciplinary and draws on the media, politics and the social sciences. It invites participation from all sectors: architects, planners, policy makers, artists, academics, the public and community activists. It functions as an open access platform for publication, a forum for debate through conferences and workshop, a conduit for book publications and also operates as an academic resource repository. Run by information professionals, the repository offers up-to-date materials and listings for research.

Its social aims can be defined as: promoting an understanding of the role of architecture and the built environment on communities, public health and society more broadly;  engaging all its stakeholders in events and debates aimed at better understanding and communicating the needs of each party; and providing openly accessible materials such as written articles, research guides, current event listings, and a database of organisations that support these aims.

Registered Charity Number:1160813

Journal ISSN: 2050 9006


It is unique in a number of ways:

Theme; it integrates the media, politics and social criticism into our reading of architecture.  Publication; one online article monthly, and a a series of print volumes.  Resource; it hosts a Resource Repository run by librarians.  Conferences/Events; it holds regular international conferences and support events on relevant themes.  Research Programmes; it runs two programmes of conferences and publications: Housing – Critical Futures, The Mediated City. Interview Article; it has developed a new genre of academic writing used for select interviews.

AMPS is an independent organisation that runs its research programmes in collaboration with multiple universities. A sample includes: Adelphi University, US; University of Liverpool, UK; Universidad de Sevilla, Spain; Liverpool John Moores University, UK; Cyprus Institute; Ravensbourne University College, UK; University of Cyprus.

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