Cities, Communities and Homes: Is the Urban Future Livable?

Abenia_Tiphaine_Urban abandoned structures as framework for housing development_Abstract-UoD

Aki_Ishida_Soulful Light in Smart Cities _Abstract-UoD

Alexa Gower__Mirroring the motherland_Abstract-UoD

Alexandra_Appelbaum_Contested visions of liveability_Abstract-UoD

Alfredo_Agustoni and Alfredo_Alietti_Housing Policies, Housing Market and Migrants Integration_Abstract-UoD

Anna_Kovacs-Gyori_Reflecting individual preferences and spatiality in livability measurements_Abstract-UoD

Anna Ternon & Gerald Ledent_Learning from self-sufficient housing experiences in Brussels_Abstract-UoD

Anushree_Deb_Viability of Public-Private Partnership in Building Affordable Housing_Abstract-UoD

Barbara_Roosen and Oswald_Devisch_Tales from the Residential Subdivision_Abstract-UoD

Beatriz_Maturana, Ralph_Horne and Scarlet_Romano_In a climate of change_Abstract-UoD

Bev_James_Special Housing Areas a practical pathway to livable homes_Abstract-UoD

Birgit_Jurgenhake_Making a Human Centred City_Abstract-UoD

Boris_Ceranic, Angela Dean and Graham Markwell_A Novel Procurament Approach_Abstract-UoD

Bruce Judd_Connecting the dots_Abstract-UoD

Carlos Rosa-Jimenez, Maria Jose Marquez-Ballesteros & Alberto Garcia-Moreno__Neighborhood Cooperatives_Abstract-UoD

Catharina_de-Haas_Giant Dolls’ House Project_Abstract-UoD

Cecil_Sagoe_Producing Housing Plans for London’s Olympic Area_Abstract-UoD

Charles_Hippisley-Cox_The Moorpool Estate_Abstract-UoD

Charlotte_Johnson et al_Intervening in the city co-designing domestic infrastructure_Abstract-UoD

Chelsea Kershaw, Joelle Lim, Jacqueline McIntosh, Bruno Marques & Jon Cornwall_The role of cultural orientation in therapeutic landscape design_ABSTRACT-UoD

Chiara Monterumisi and Alessandro Porotto­_Why can’t we live together_Abstract_UoD

Chuba Odum & Victor Onyebueke_ What is ‘Adequate’ About Adequate Housing in Nigeria Abstract- UoD

Claire_Freeman and Yolanda_van Heezik_Planning our city neighbourhoods and homes_Abstract-UoD

Claudia_Volberg_Bridging generation gap_Abstract-UoD

Craig Stott and Simon Warren_Towards a Livable Community Through Emergent Community Governance_Abstract-UoD

Deepika_Jauhari_Quality of Life in Urban Villages of Delhi Impact of Urbanization and City Growth_Abstract-UoD

Dicky_Tanumihardja_Cisadane Riverside Tourism as a strategy to empower_Abstract-UoD

E Giorgi, V Margarita Barquero, D Barriga_The perception of the city and the taxation_ the strange and dangerous cases of the Mexican gated communities

E. Fulya Ozmen & E Gulce Ozmen_Evaluating urban transformation projects over the last decade_Abstract-UoD

E. Fulya Ozmen & E Gulce Ozmen_Evaluating urban transformation projects over the last decade_Abstract-UoD

Ellen_Burke_You Are Here Activating Community Participation in Resilience Planning_Abstract-UoD

Fabricio Chicca & Maibritt Pedersen-Zari_Urban food production_Increasing resilience, livability, and a sense of community

Fatemah_Yavari and Brenda_Vale_Evaluation of two New Zealand typical house retrofits for ageing in place_Abstract-UoD

Francis_Aguillard et al_Fluid Citizenship_Abstract-UoD

G Pelin Olcay_Housing Agenda_Abstract-UoD

Giulia_Ganugi and Manuela_Maggio_Governing liveable cities_Abstract-UoD

Greta_Werner_Clashing Visions – Decentralization meets Centralization_Abstract-UoD

Gulsah_Aykac_Overcoming urban alienation_Abstract-UoD

Heba Mohamed Salah Sarhan_Home outside the boundaries_Abstract-UoD Mhairi McVicar and Neil Turnbull_Creating common ground_Abstract_UoD

Hilary_Chadwick_Community Land Trusts a solution to local housing needs_Abstract-UoD

Ines_Pinto_The Japanese House_Abstract-UoD

J. Andres Dominguez-Gomez_Social perception and construction of space_Assessing the socio-environmental impacts of urban development projects_Abstract UoD

Jacques_Laubscher and_Sushma_Patel_FUTURE Boom Street, Pretoria South Africa_Abstract-UoD

Jenny_Donovan_The nurturing city creating places where people thrive_Abstract-UoD

Joanne_Lee_The good place that is no place_Abstract-UoD

Kay_Saville-Smith_Making a Difference with Research for Livable Environments_Abstract-UoD

Kemi_Adeyeye, Tao_Wang, Eleni_Tracada and Stephen_Emmitt _PIECES of the puzzle_Abstract-UoD

Khalid_Mandeli_The Significance of public open space to Physical Activity_Abstract-UoD

Leo_Oorschot et al_Sustainability, renovation with user preferences, and gentrification_Abstract-UoD

Li_Xiangfeng _and Li_Xiaoming_Research on the Elderly Mutual-support Behaviour and Spatial Support Condition_Abstract-UoD

Lisa Goodson et al__Mass migration, housing and land use_Abstract-UoD

Lorenzo_De-Vidovich_Microaree Programme health, housing and community-building in Trieste_Abstract-UoD

Louisa_Firnenburg_ Urban Collective Living Arrangements_Abstract-UoD

Maibritt Pedersen-Zari & Fabricio Chicca_The influence of the individual Enhancing a citys liveability

Mahmoud_Halimeh _and Helen_Avery_Sustainable camps self-organising design in community centres_Abstract-UoD

Marco_Baccarelli and Martina_Orsini_Maintenance as Alternative to Growth_Abstract-UoD

Maria_ Sieira_Housing Narratives_Abstract-UoD

Maria_Chiappini, Kris_Scheerlinck and Yyes_Schoonjans_Infrastructures under Transformation as Volatile Collective Spaces_Abstract-UoD

Maria_Georgiadou and Claudia Loggia _Project Management and Skills Enhancement in Informal Settlement Upgrading_Abstract-UoD

Marina_Russo-Schtcherbakoff-Kodakoff_Architecture and the Brain_Abstract-UoD

Marsha_Bradfield and Shibboleth_Shechter_The Civic University The Millbank Atlas as Locally-Engaged Practice_Abstract-UoD

Matthew_Hutchinson_I may be getting older but I am not going there_Abstract_UoD

Melinda Benko, Regina Balla and Isaiah Oluremi-Durosaiye_Mass housing estate location in relation to its livability_ABSTRACT-UoD

Mhairi McVicar and Neil Turnbull_Creating common ground_Abstract_UoD

Monia_Del Pinto_The Unbuilt and the Identity_Abstract-UoD

Nadia Bertolino and Sandra Costa Santos_Testing the theory of ‘planned communities’_Abstract-UoD

Nazmiye_Nurdogan_Urban Parks for Urban Future_Abstract-UoD

Nerma_Cridge_Creative energy or Quality of life_Abstract-UoD


Peter_Hogg_Small Space Preferences_Abstract- UoD

Petra_Perolini_Is co-operative housing a creative solution to Australia’s housing crisis_Abstract-UoD

Rene_Davids_Alamedas as a Model for Structuring Linear Urban Networks_Abstract-UoD

Richard Huggins_I’m sorry for the direction my hot-air balloon is taking_Abstract-UoD

Robert Lastman_Community characteristics and the meaning of ‘home’ for residents in West Hampstead_Abstract-UoD

Ruth_Brolly and Ian_Montgomery_Signs of a city semiotic markers at odds with constructed narratives in Belfast_Abstract-UoD

Ruth_Dowsett and Ian_Ewart_Re-establishing cultural identity within small-scale housing developments_Abstract-UoD

Ryan_Woolrych et al_Developing age-friendly cities and communities_Abstract-UoD

Virtual presentation_Age Friendly City_Woolrych

Sally Stone & Laura Sanderson_The Way We Live Now_How Architectural Education can Aid the Urban Development of Small Settlements_Abstract UoD

SukHee_Yun et al_From the Rational back to Radical_Abstract-UoD

Suvir_Mathur_Balancing the World – Outwitting Urban Temptations_Abstract-UoD

Taimaz_Larimian_Urban Form and socially sustainable cities_Abstract-UoD

Tao Wang et al_Space Protection and Reconstruction Strategies_Abstract_UoD

Tanzil_Shafique _and Paco_Mejias_Villatoro_Cities, Communities and Homes as Blind Fields_Abstract-UoD

Tanzil_Shafique _and Paco_Mejias_presentation film

Thinh_Ngo_Kien, Yun_Gao and Adrian_Pitts_The Study of Socio-Cultural Values and its Influence on Urban Self_Abstract-UoD

Tobias Vokuhl & Mark Austin_Room to swing a kid_Abstract-UoD

Torben Thyregod & Daniel Lee_Living in Light Putting People before Building_Abstract-UoD

Viraji_Bandara and David_ Monteyne_Urban design for developing a sense of community in culturally-diverse neighbourhoods_Abstract-UoD

Virgina De Jorge-Huertas_ Flexible domesticity. Adaptable structures_Abstract-UoD

Yahya_Aydin_The Role of Social Media in the Creation of Place and Belonging_Abstract-UoD

Yasmin Ara_Opportunities and constraints for a ‘liveable’ future in megacity informal settlements_Abstract -UoD

Yona_Jebrak and Isabella_Thomas_Awareness, Education, and Communication_Abstract-UoD

Yukiko Kuboshima, Jacqueline McIntosh, Bruno Marques, and Geoff Thomas_Care, physical environments and dependency_ABSTRACT-UoD