PARADE – Publication and Research in Art, Architectures, Design and Environments

As part of its PARADE initiative AMPS has partnerships with several publishers including Routledge Taylor&Francis, Intellect Book, UCL Press, Libri Publishing and Vernon Press. Books are developed by a network of international, interdisciplinary authors brought together through conferences. There are two systems:

  1. Monographs and edited volumes proposed by individuals.
  2. Edited volumes developed by the full-time editors of AMPS.


Highlight Notice: Critical Practice in an Age of Complexity

PARADE is currently seeking proposals related to the themes of the conference, Critical Practice in an Age of Complexity. The process is as follows: 1. Submit an abstract and register for the conference; 2. Submit article, book chapter or book proposal based on your abstract.

To start the process: submit an abstract

Other upcoming publications will be based on AMPS conferences, 2018-19 



Routledge Taylor&Francis: Research in Architecture Series

Intellect Book: Mediated Cities Series

Cambridge Scholars Publishing: The Arts, Design and Culture in Cities

Vernon Press: The Interdisciplinary Built Environment

UCL Press: Housing Critical Futures

Libri Publishing: Design Practice  *

 * This replaces a previous Housing the Future Series  


Upcoming publication themes will similarly be based on the AMPS conference series. See below:

Spatial Design and Critique: Critical Practice in an Age of Complexity

Urbanism: Constructing an Urban Future: The Sustainability and Resilience of Cities

Moving Images – Static Spaces: Architectures, Media, Film, Digital Art and Design

Art and Society: Tangible – Intangible Heritage(s) – Design, Social and Cultural Critiques


Using the editorial / subject expertise built up around the above conferences and themes AMPS makes the initial review of book proposals. If the proposal is accepted it is submitted with our recommendation to another round of review with one of our partner publishers:

Routledge Taylor&Francis, Intellect Book, UCL Press, Libri Publishing and Vernon Press.

The aim of this process is to support academics working in the areas of interest of AMPS. The full process is as follows:

Step One:

In order to be considered for book publications, authors should have first registered on a relevant AMPS conference. The conference should align with the general theme of your book proposal. To do this:

Visit the theme/conference links above, download the relevant conference abstract form and submit it to the relevant email address.

Step Two:

Once you have registered for the relevant conference you can submit your individual book proposal. To do so download and fill out this submission form

The book proposal should be submitted to the managerial team: It will be treated as a submission in parallel to but separate from your conference abstract.

Step Three:

Your book proposal will be reviewed within two months of the relevant conference by members of the editorial team specialized in that thematic area.

If accepted it will be sent by AMPS to one of our publisher partners based on our assessment of its relevance to the book series in question.

On occasion AMPS may advise the submitting author to make alterations to a proposal prior to it being recommended to the publisher.

If a proposal is not accepted by the first publisher AMPS will consider submitting it later to another of its publishing partners. Proposals will not be submitted simultaneously.

Final decisions on publication will be by the publishing partner.


The initiative Publication and Research in Art, Architectures, Design and Environments builds on the work of AMPS In supporting research and publication since 2012. During this time AMPS has overseen the publication of various books and special issues of its academic journal Architecture_MPS.

See: Example publications – previous books and sample articles

See: The Full Architecture_MPS journal – UCL Press.



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