Digital-Cultural Ecology and the Medium-Sized City


01-03 April 2016


Bristol, UK




Arnolfini Centre for Contemporary Arts



CONFERENCE: Digital-Cultural Ecology & the Medium-Sized City. 1st-3rd April 2016. Programme: Download Programme.

OPENING EVENT: The Bristol Debates”.  1st April 2016. 5.00pm-6.30pm. “The Bristol Debates” : Download Debate Info.


OPENING NIGHT EXHIBITION: CMIR TWO- Focus on New Practice Research in the Moving Image. 01st  April 2016. 6.30pm – 8.30pm. It follows the CMIR ONE event last year. Link.

MEDIATED CITY BOOK LAUNCH: To mark its association with AMPS on this book series Intellect Books will hold a launch event. 01st  April 2016. 6.30pm. Link.

CITY IDEAS STUDIO – TRANSPORT: To coincide with this conference the Architecture Centre welcomes delegates and audience to their current exhibition. An introduction will be arranged for Saturday 2nd April. Link.

TWITTER: #MediatedCity


George Ferguson CBE. Mayor of Bristol. Past President of the RIBA, co-founder of Ferguson Mann Architects; founder of the national architectural group Acanthus, UK. Michael Jemtrud. Founding Director. Facility for Architectural Research in Media and Mediation; Professor and Former Director of the School of Architecture at McGill University, Canada. Jon Dovey. Director REACT (Research & Enterprise for Arts and Creative Technologies); Professor of Screen Media. Department of Creative Industries and Education, UWE, UK. Helen Davies. Director of Audience Engagement at Arnolfini. Clare Reddington. Creative Director, Watershed, Visiting Professor UWE



In every country in the world medium-sized cities out number capital cities in both quantity and gross population. They are however, historically overlooked. In the city in which this conference is held, Bristol UK, the industry sector that underwrites its culture and economy is that of the moving image and the digital. It is a medium sized city with a history and an active present at the intersection of the physical conurbation, moving image research, and the cultural, economic and social implications of their coalescence. As with many medium sized cities however, it has an infrastructure from the industrial age. In this context, the present conference and related activities, focus on how the medium sized cities from across the world are adapting to the economies, practices and infrastructures of the digital age.

Led by the Centre for Moving Image Research, AMPS and its scholarly journal Architecture_MPS, the conference is interested in the exploring the still latent possibilities of the internet in urban, social and cultural contexts; the development of citizen led ‘hybrid cities’ in which new technologies foster new behaviours; new ethnographic interpretations of the city and its peoples; and changing representations of the city in new and old formats: photography, film, animation, augmented and virtual realities.



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The conference serves as the launch event for a related book series developed with Intellect Books. the books forming part of this series are:

1. Digital Futures and the City of Today – New Technologies and Physical Spaces; 2. Filming the City–urban documents, design practices & social criticism through the lens; 3. Imaging the City – art, creative practices and media speculation.

More information here on the full series.

Information for Authors and Speakers:   

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This event is organised by the interdisciplinary research group AMPS (Architecture, Media, Politics, Society), its associated journal Architecture_MPS, the University of the West of England, the Centre for Moving Image Research (CMIR) and Intellect Books. It forms part of the AMPS program of events, The Mediated City.

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