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AMPS promotes global events, regional topics & local debates on multiple inseparable subjects.



Los Angeles, USALA:

The Mediated City (Two) – 50 years in the global village

01-04 October, 2014


LondonLondon, UK:

The Mediated City (One) – smart cities, political cities

01-03 April, 2014


LiverpoolLiverpool, UK:

Housing – A Critical Perspective: an interdisciplinary examination

08-09 April 2015   


 SantiagoSantiago de Chile:

Sustainable Strategies for Social Integration in the City, the Neighbourhood and Housing

11 August 2015


SevilleSeville, Spain:

Obsolescence and Renovation – 20th Century Housing

14-15 December, 2015 


CyprusNicosia, Cyprus:

Housed by Choice, Housed by Force: conflict and conflicting interests

21-22 January, 2016


bristolBristol, UK:

Digital-Cultural Ecology and the Medium Sized City ……………

01-03 April, 2016


MelbourneMelbourne, Australia:

Future Housing – Global Cities and Regional Problems

09-10 June 2016



Liverpool, UK:

Government and Housing in a Time of Crisis : Policy, Planning, Design and Delivery  .

08-09 September 2016


LondonLondon, UK:

Living and Sustainability – An Environmental Critique of the Building Practices of Housing. 

09-10 February, 2017



Derby, UK:

Cities, Communities and Homes: is the future livable? 

22-23 June 2017


 bristolBristol, UK:

Healthy Cities – The Design, Planning and Politics of How and Where We Live ……………

25-26 January, 2018


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:

Constructing an Urban Future   ………………………….

18-19 March 2018 


Istanbul, Turkey:

Moving Images – Static Spaces?   ………………………….

12-13 April 2018 


Arizona, USA:

Visioning the Future of Living  …………………………………..

2018 (TBC)



London, UK:

Tangible – Intangible Heritage(s) 


June 14-15 2018 (TBC)



Veracruz, Mexico:

Housing in Expanding Cities   ………………………….

2018 (TBC)



shnaghaiShanghai, China:

The Asian century: Housing and Urbanization for Possible Futures

2018 (TBC)



An integral part of the remit of AMPS is to ensure thinking, debate and the exchange of ideas across discipline and geographical borders. On this basis the journal and research group is engaged in a series of international events, workshops and conferences. Recent conferences have been held in the UK, the US, Spain, Cyprus, Australia and elsewhere.

These events are intentionally interdisciplinary and cover all aspects of the research groups and journal’s remit. They are primarily geared towards the academic community but are all explicitly open to the public. They have involved academics, artists and activists. They seek to be provocative,generate quality research and thoughtful debate.

Currently, there are two specific areas of work for AMPS, both reflected in the conference themes:


Firstly, it is engaged with the issue of housing provision through a program of events and publications called Housing – Critical Futures. The first conference in this series was held in Liverpool in April. 2015. Upcoming events:

Previous events:


Secondly, it is concerned with the nature of the urban experience and design of our cities in an ever evolving digital age. The social, political and design implications of these changes and experiences are the subject of a series of Mediated City conferences. Events have been held in London, Los Angeles and Bristol. More are planned for 2017.

Previous events:

Materials from these and similar events is made publicly available through the journal’s website. Book publications also result.



  • Proposal selection for AMPS conferences is a blind, peer-review process.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure your proposal is fully completed, submitted on time and has all necessary permissions.


Publication / Presentation Options

  • Delegates are given the option to present their work at conference either with or without an accompanying full written paper.
  • For publication as part of conference proceedings, the word length for papers is 3000.
  • AMPS selects papers for subsequent expansion and development in books and as journal articles.
  • Delegates are also invited to propose other formats that best suit their work: PetchaKutcha, panel discussion, poster etc.
  • Skype presentations are acceptable for international delegates.



AMPS Conference presenters will be required to:

  • register for and attend the conference
  • advise the conference organisers in advance if they do not wish their presentation to be recorded (slidecasts) or broadcast;
  • assign Architecture_MPS first publication rights on contributed papers, as these will be published as part of Architecture_MPS conference proceedings and associated publications. *

*Presentations of previously completed works/papers are permitted and are not subject to this clause. They will however, not be republished by AMPS.


For details on co-orgainising an event with AMPS, contact: