Cities, Communities and Homes: Is the Urban Future Livable?

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Dates: 22-23 June 2017 | Place: University of Derby | Organisers: University of Derby  |  AMPS



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Hendrik W van der Kamp,Vice President. European Council of Spatial Planners – Conseil européen des urbanistes: ABSTRACT. Download PRESENTATION.


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The complexity of our cities is well documented. The economies they are based on are multiple. Some are growing exponentially, others are shrinking. Some pride themselves on architectural heritage, others are seeking to build and rebrand. Some are old, some are new. Inevitably their urban fabrics vary.  The communities that live in these places reflect these conditions. Some are are long-standing, others are new and in-formation. Sometimes they are active, on occasion homogenous. More generally they are diverse. These communities need, and want, a say in their futures. Some are well connect and affluent, others suffer deprivation and social exclusion. A constant in the mist of this complexity is their need to be housed – whether by themselves, the market, or governments.

This conference seeks to explore how the three issues of city development, sense of community and housing need, all combine to make lives in our cities livable – or not. How will our urban environments change in the near future? Are the cities we live in now likely to contract or expand? How will these changes impact on communities and the way they are housed? Will new technologies facilitate community engagement with planning? Will resident voices be heard by planners? Will unaffordable housing turn some cities into enclaves of the wealthy, or will the private sector and personal preference gate our communities?


Themes: Cities, Communities, Housing:

hosuing is a human right1Taking on these three fundamental and interwoven issues, this conference seeks to explore and document the way in which our thinking about living in cities cannot be isolated into categories. The urban plans we develop reflect larger socio-political forces which determine the houses we build and urban services we offer. In turn, a city’s public services promote inclusivity or exclusion. The housing we build determine the growth, survival or evolution of the communities we form. All contribute to the livability of our urban environments.

Contributing to the broader research areas of the organisation initiating the conference, Architecture, Media, Politics, Society (AMPS) and the concerns of academics at the University of Derby, this event is interdisciplinary by default. Its city emphasis seeks the perspectives offered by urban designers, planners, economists and policy makers. Its community alignment calls for the expertise of sociologists, community activists and residents. Its housing focus needs the expertise of architects, housing professionals and builders.

The conference encourages debate and exchange between disciplines, and will promote and publish multiple voices. It seeks to better understand the relationships between cities, communities and homes.

Cities, Communities, Homes : Full Description Here

Key Dates:

01 March 2017: Abstract Submissions (extended on request to 15 March)

01 April 2017:  Abstract Feedback

01 June 2017:  Registration closes

22 – 23 June 2017: Conference   

01 September 2017: Full Paper Submissions (where applicable)

01 November 2017: Feedback for publication

01 February 2018: Publication of Full papers begins



Key people: Dr. Eleni Tracada, UoD; Dr. Graham Cairns, AMPS; Rachel-Isaac-Menard, Architecture_MPS.

This event is organised by the University of Derby, the interdisciplinary research organisation AMPS (Architecture, Media, Politics, Society) and its academic journal Architecture_MPS. It forms part of the AMPS program of events, Housing – Critical Futures.

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Images: Paul McIlroy; National Lawyers Guild International Committee; Sebastian ter Berg.