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Design Project Books & Awards

A series of 3 books of design proposals and academic essays  | The projects are global in scope  |  One project per book will receive an award | Multiple Award categories  |   Essay themes are open

Book Series Title:

Housing The Future – Alternative Approaches for Tomorrow.



Providing affordable and decent housing provision is one of the most vexing and challenging problems facing designers, architects, planners and policy makers today. It affects the health, wellbeing and social aspirations of millions of people globally. It has attracted the attention of politicians, community groups, artists and architects, and was at the heart of avant-garde design thinking throughout the 20th century and needs to be today. To date, no permanent solutions have been found.


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These books contain theory essays from academics, articles that document built projects and design proposals from students and professionals. Academics submitting papers to the conferences are given the opportunity to submit their essays for these books. Groups of students working on housing in various disciplines (architecture, urbanism, interiors and planning etc,) are invited to make group submissions of their work through a designated academic or tutor. Academics and tutors are encouraged to use this publication initiative as a theme for design projects and written thesis. Academic essays and student design proposals from the same institution can submit together. Currently in porgress is the development of an award for one of teh student projects included in the series. See: Housing – Critical Futures. Publications



These books intended to:

1.raise awareness of the issue of affordable housing.

2. offer innovative solutions to communities and professionals.

3. be used as the basis of (design) projects by professors and students.

4. encourage the next generation of designers to address housing

5. challenge preconceptions.


Academic Essays:

Academics from various universities presenting at the Housing – Critical Futures conferences will be invited to develop essays for these books. The themes are thus expected to reflect those of the conference. However, for this publication an emphasis will be placed on essays concerned with analysing issues that affect or result from questions of design and / or the documentation of built projects. They are thus expected to relate more directly with the complimentary design proposals that also make up this volume.


set squareDesign Projects:

Projects must deal with the issue of ‘affordable housing’.  This problem is not site or issue specific and, as a result, neither are the projects in these books. Consequently, no specific site is specified and no set criteria for how to address the subject are set in advance.

Professors and students should respond to the theme in ways best suited for the sites, cities and countries they live, work and design in.

An award is currently being planned for projects selected for inclusion in these books. The potential categories are as follows:


Planning and Strategic Approaches – an award for a ‘design’ solution premised on innovative approaches to legal, financial or planning issues.

Urban Design Initiatives – an award reflecting the inevitable urban implications of housing large numbers of people in specific locations.

Sustainable House Initiatives – an award for innovative ideas at individual building scale

Renovating for Life – an award for creative and practical ideas on how to re-use existing housing or other building stock to meet the housing needs.

Theory and Research – an award for exceptional essays, research studies and theoretical examinations of the issue of housing

Open Ideas – an award for ideas and projects that do not fall easily into one of the specified categories.



Primary: Full Project Exhibition – an online exhibition dedicated to the awarded project from each book

Secondary: Special Mention Exhibition – an expanded online exhibition of the ‘special mention’ category winner



HE institutions from any country are invited to participate.

The institution must have undergraduate or masters level courses from relevant disciplines.

A maximum of five design projects per submission from a participating institution.

Academic essays can either be submitted in isolation or alongside student design projects from the same institution.



Representatives of institutions / courses should contact:

Number of Projects: Minimum 3 / Maximum 5.

Design Project Submission criteria: 5 images per project; 500 word description of each project.

Essays: 3-5000 words.

First Publication in the series commenced: December 2015. Now ongoing.

Book One: Housing The Future – Alternative Approaches for Tomorrow. Libri Publishing. ISBN 978-1-907471-69-3

 See: Housing – Critical Futures. Publications