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Housing – Critical Futures recognises the role and contribution artists and media professionals have had, do have, and will continue to have, in addressing the issue of housing worldwide. It is actively developing related art and media projects that will accompany the academic conferences and student competition. They offer an alternative external discipline approach to addressing the issue.


film and mediaIn the past, a number of high profile examples of this form of engagement have made significant impact:

In the 1960s in the UK, the film Cathy Come Home, directed by the world-renown filmmaker Ken Loach, was attributed to the establishment of Crisis (the nation’s leading homeless charity) and the introduction of a series of new laws on housing in the UK.

More recently the charitable architecture group Habitat for Humanity organised events to engage designers, artists, activists and local community residents in projects engaging in the issue of affordable housing in some of the fastest growing cities in the world. Their “Brick-olage” Art Festival in Yunan, China for example, saw them partnering with Shanghai’s major art galleries, artists and media specialists.

In 2014 Minnesota saw one of  over twenty public art installments and eleven performances around the theme of “home is…” organised by the ARTIFY project. The Minnesota event involved occupying an abandoned car dealership and converting it to ‘future housing’.

The Housing – Critical Futures project aims to continue this tradition of both high profile and community-led art, architecture and media initiatives.


Forthcoming Events:

Short Film Competition

Dan Prates

Partners: The Public Health Film Society, Swinburne University, Woodbury University’s “Media For Social Justice Program”, the Burbank Film Festival, WithinWalls. Support from The Foundation of Arts and Creative Technologies (FACT).

Awards and Screenings:

FACT, Liverpool, UK (TBC)

Details available in 2017

.In collaboration with The Public Health Film Society, UK; the Media Department of Swinburne University, Australia; and  Woodbury University’s “Media For Social Justice Program” and its links with the Burbank Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA, AMPS is currently seeking funds for a short-film competition for 2017-18.

Supported by the Foundation of Arts and Creative Technologies, UK, and film director Ken Loach the launched is being planned to follow the 50th Anniversary of his seminal film on homelessness, “Cathy Come Home” this film competition is open to filmmakers from across the world.

The films submitted for the competition will be hosted online by the Foundation of Arts and Creative Technologies and a screening of all submitted films is being prepared. venue: FACT, TBC. Winning films are also planned for screening as part of the Burbank Film Festival, USA.

The aim of this competition is to enlist the work of filmmakers, directors and actors in attempts to raise the profile of one of the world’s most serious built environment issues: affordable housing provision.

Full details available in 2017


 Health for All – Cathy Come Home Screenings/Debate  

cathy-come-home_nov16_phfs13th November 2016

Part of The Public Health Film Fesitival


Public Health Film Society

Public Health England

The Oxford Research Centre for the Humanities (TORCH)

In association with the Public Health Film Society, Public Health England, and The Oxford Research Centre for the Humanities (TORCH), AMPS is involved with a screening and associated debate around the issues of homelessness and housing raised by the ken Loach film of Cathy Come Home. On the 50th Anniversary of this influential film three speakers hold a public debate. Dr. Graham Cairns, Director of AMPS; Professor John Ashton, Past President of the Faculty of Public Health; Professor Elleke Boehmer, Director of the Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH); Tony Garnett, Film Producer and Screen Writer (Producer of Cathy Come Home).


 A Story About Living Small  

tiny imagePartners: New York University; AMPS; Merete Mueller (filmmaker)


Wednesday, November 18th, 2015, 6:30pm 

Michelson Theater, Dept of Cinema Studies

721 Broadway, 6th Floor



TINY: A Story About Living Small (Christopher Smith & Merete Mueller, 2013) is a documentary about home and how we find it. The film follows one couple’s attempt to build a Tiny House from scratch and profiles other individuals and families who have downsized to dwellings smaller than the average parking space. By advocating for houses stripped down to their essentials, the film raises questions about environmental impact, sustainable design, and the changing American Dream.

This event is programmed and moderated by Sylvie Vitaglione (NYU Cinema Studies) in conjunction with the Housing – Critical Futures programme.


Speakers include: Merete Mueller: Filmmaker; Dr. Graham Cairns: Architectural Scholar; Sylvie Vitaglione: Moderator

Films include: TINY: A Story About Living Small. Directors: Christopher Smith & Merete Mueller

Free and open to the public. Full Details.


.Housing, Health and Film

LOGO large PHFSPartners: The Public Health Film Society, the Faculty of Public Health, Bluecoat Arts, Patrick keiller.


Date: 10th January 2015.

Place:  Bluecoat Chambers Art Gallery, Liverpool,

School Lane, Liverpool, L1 3BX, UK


Housing, Health and Film was a one event organised with the Public Health Film Society and brought together national politicians, governmental health professionals, architects and the renowned filmmaker Patrick Keiller. It aimed at raising the issue of the relationship between public health and the built environment through the medium of film. Specifically, it aimed to raise the issue of the relationship between public health and the built environment. More generally, it raised issues of public health policy in the UK. This one day event, brought together public health officials, planning advisors, architects and filmmakers. It consisted of:

A series of film screenings on public health, housing and the built environment. Two panel discussions with architects, public health professionals, policy makers and socially focused film directors.


Speakers included: Luciana Berger. Shadow Minister for Public Health. UK; Dr. Professor John Ashton  CBE.   President of UK The Faculty of Public Health, UK; Tim Pinder. Chief Executive of Place Shapers

Films include: The Dilapidated Dwelling.  Director, Patrick Keiller.

Full Schedule.