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Housing – A Critical Perspective                                     Interdisciplinary Conference Call

Microphone1-1Together with Liverpool University and Liverpool John Moores University, Architecture_MPS is organising a two day academic conference on the theme of affordable housing provision. Open to academics of all disciplines and the general public, it will be held in various locations in the city of Liverpool.

Dates: 08-09 April 2015



The provision of adequate housing is one of the major political issues in the UK today. Against a background of disparate policy interventions, resistances, contradictions and conflict, the Housing – Critical Futures UK Conference seeks to bring together architects, planners, sociologists, artists, economists, geographers, political activists, housing associations and policy makers with the aim of creating a space in which to debate this urgent issue. The themes for this conference are deliberately open. Reflecting the belief that housing and its social implications are not discipline-specific concerns the conference invites cross-disciplinary, creative, and critical thinking.

The questions we are asking are multiple: How are elite, privatised residential developments reshaping urban space? How have recent policy interventions impacted on the social lives of neighbourhoods? What are some of the ways in which architects have responded to affordable housing crises? What insights can politically-engaged art projects bring to bear in this context? How have sociological studies sought to make sense of the local contexts into which wider structural issues are inflected? What role will states have in the housing solutions of the future? How can architects work with existing building stock to help sustain communities under threat? How have local activists ensured their voice is heard in the context of gentrifiying cities? What role is there for critical planning theory vis-à-vis housing?

We are keen to encourage reflection and discussion from across different disciplinary perspectives, and to encourage participation from those engaging in research and activism from both inside and outside academia.

A range of options are available to those wishing to present. We welcome submissions for Conference Presentations (20 minutes); Full Written Papers (3,000 words); and a range of alternative proposals, such as 5 minute Pecha Kucha talks; short film screenings; photographic essays; installations etc. You are invited to propose other options.

Key Dates:

12 December 2014: Abstract Submissions

20 December 2014: Abstract Feedback

20 March 2015: Full Paper Submissions (where applicable)

01 April 2015:  Registration deadline

08-09 April. Conference

01 May 2015: Feedback on Full Papers

01 July 2015: Publication of Full papers


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