Information Professionals

AMPS involves an innovative collaboration between academics librarians/information professionals who have engaged with the organisation intermittently since its inception. This collaboration is overseen by Head of Research Support and Reference, Rachel Isaac-Menard. It has three key divisions:

  1. Intern Training Programme
  2. Information Services (IS) Committee
  3. Research Support

The Team:

Head of Research Support and Reference:

Rachel Isaac-Menard

Social Media/Outreach Coordinator:

Noreen Y. Whysel

Academic Liaison Administrator:

Lorraine Gess


Eric An


Early-Careers Librarians/Collaborators:

Kelsey Milner, University at Albany, SUNY, US

Megan Gribble, University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia

Laura Macala, University of Alberta, Canada

Lilith Lee, University of Alberta, Canada

Sitare Nichols, Charles Sturt University, Australia



Previous Early-Careers Librarians/Collaborators:

Thuy Bui, Northumbria University, UK

Kaitlin Beer, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, US

Ted Minett, Graduate, McGill University, Canada

Simine Marine, Architectural Association, UK

Jeanette Garpiel, Wayne State University, US

Sean Marshall, Wayne State University, US

Arfakashad Munaim, UCLA, US

Maryellen Authier, University of Arizona, US

Ian Roberton, Graduate, McGill University, US

Sharell Walker, St. John’s University, US

Roz Dunk, University of South Australia

Ashley Kelleher, Pratt Institute, US

Ayesha Patel, University of Toronto, Canada

Allyson Glazier, Stinehour Processing Specialist, Dartmouth College, US

Zorian M. Sasyk, Wayne State University, US

Amanda Harrigan, University of Alberta, Canada 

Amber Owens, University of Tennessee

Emily Agunod, San Jose State University, US

Aashmeeta Yogiraj, Syracuse University, US

John Pas, University of Michigan, US

Brenna Painter

Ilana Robinson

Laura Scott

Philip Zupon

Eileen Rose, Information Professional, Graduate of the MLIS Program at the University of Alberta