Liverpool 2016

Image copyright Assemble

Image copyright Assemble

Government and Housing in a Time of Crisis:

Policy, Planning, Design and Delivery.


Conference Dates:

08-09th September 2016


Liverpool John Moores University

Cross Sector Debate:

08th September, 6-8pm


RIBA North / Open Eye Gallery (Winter Garden Space), Mann Island, Liverpool


Keynote Speakers:

Art and Architecture Collective (Turner Prize Winners), Assemble  |    David Waterhouse, Commission of Architecture and the Built Environment   |    Andy von Bradsky, Royal Institute of British   |   Steve Cole, National Housing Federation  |   Mayor of Liverpool, Liverpool City   |    Charlotte Harrison, Northern Housing Consortium      


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Rept0n1x Mohameds_General_Store_ToxtethIn the political economies of the West the provision of social and affordable housing has been subject to major change in recent decades. Nowhere is this more evident than in local and regional government. Today, local authority architects are mostly a thing of the past; house construction by regional administrators is increasingly rare; and local government management of housing is in decline. In place of these models are a plethora of policies, approaches and players. In the UK context these include ALMOs, stock transfers, Section 106 Agreements, right-to-buy, and the growth of Housing Associations etc. In other parts of Europe and across the developed world, the names of such initiatives and groups differ, but the issues in play remain the same.


Responding to the above context, this conference proposed four open strands of enquiry and expertise:

  1. Local Authorities, Government and Policy – planning ideas for housing the future
  2. Building and Housing Professionals – ideas from inside (and about) the profession
  3. Community Projects, Artists and Resident Engagement – the experience of users
  4. Research, Academia, Innovation, Design and Case Studies – proposed and implemented models of housing




Aisling McCourt _ Philip Brown_Understanding the persistence of stalled residential housing development sites;

Ambrose Gillick and Lee Ivett _Constructing Community- Synthesizing Lay and Professional Knowledge in Architecture;

Anthony Boanada-Fuchs_The strengths and weaknesses of the Brazilian affordable housing program;

Anubhav Pradhan _ Neha Lal_Liveability, design, and illegality notes on state-sponsored housing in contemporary Delhi;

Barbara Ascher_ Housing : the Oslo case Charles Holland_Do it Ourself;

Charles Holland_Do it Ourself Geraldine Regan_The experiences of homeless families;

Charlie Smith_A critique of housing provision in cities, and qualities that make urban houses desirable;

Claude Saint-Arroman_Sustainable boundaries and current construction practices;

Dominic Wilkinson _Liverpool City Architects and Militant providing form to policy;

Dominique Peck & Kniess & Dell & Richter_The Learning City and the University of the Neighbourhoods (UoN);

Ella Harris and Mel Nowicki_Precarious Times, Pop-up Solutions The Place-Ladywell Housing Experiment;

Emma Ormerod_Seeing housing like a local state (in partnership);

Eusebio Alonso Garcia and Valeriano Sierra Morrillo_ New housing projects to regenerate the district;

Frances Holliss_Rethinking Housing- home as workplace Geraldine Regan_The experiences of homeless families;

Geraldine Regan_The experiences of homeless families;

Glyn Robbins_Austerity Urbanism Final Frontier- The Housing and Planning Act 2016;

Harshita Deo_Government Initiatives for Housing in India;

Ian Waites_Spontaneous estate evolution : Community, Artistic Practice and Reverie on a 1960s English Council Estate;

Ilker Fatih Ozorhon and Guliz Ozorhon_Housing Environment, Architectural Competitions, Problems, Potentials;

Jacopo Lareno Faccini & Francesca Cognetti_Whose social, whose city, Social housing for whom-A critical perspective on social housing policies in Milan;

Jamileh Manoochehri_Housing in the context of alienation and self-agency;

Jill Pable_Through the lens of lived human experience- U.S. case studies of supportive housing and shelters;

Jo Richardson_Conflict sites negotiating a space and place for Gypsies and Travellers;

Joanne Hudson _ Aliki-Myrto Perysinaki_Learning from Increments – Towards a Sustainable Design Strategy for Housing;

Laura Galluzzo_A home for life – New models of temporary living double skin interiors;

Luis M. Diaz_Between History and the Future Experiments in housing and pedagogy.;

María José Ferrero Ibargüen_Industrial waste materials and its application in the design of social housing ;

Mary-Ann Ray_A New UnofficialHybrid Housing and Community Model ;

Nilay Ünsal Gülmez_How to Utilize Housing for Integration- Housing Narratives of Asylum Seekers in Istanbul;

Ö. Burcu Ozdemir Sari _ Esma Aksoy_Excess Production, Rising Prices and Declining Affordability Zohra Chiheb_How to grow community-led development in the UK;

Oludele Albert Ajani_Issues and perspectives of housing for older persons in Nigeria- In search of a tipping point;


Philip Brown_Pretty Vacant – Understanding the persistence of empty homes in the UK;

Piyush Tiwari_Alternative housing paradigms in BRICS countries

Quinton Bradley_A passion for place- neighbourhood planning and community attitudes to house-building;

Richard Dunning_Is local authority land the solution for national housing targets;

Rob MacDonald _ Bill Halsall_Houses as Memory ;

Roberto Ruggiero, Daniela Mello, and Massimo Perriccioli_A home for life – Beyond social housing. Urban regeneration of public housing in southern Italy;

Siriwan Rujibhong, Prapatpong Upala & Jurian Edelenbos_The Impact of High-rise Housing Environment and Metropolitan Context on Psychological Status of Dwellers_A Case Study of Bangkok, Thailand;

Suheyla Turk_The provision of Affordable Housing by 25% Rule in Copenhagen, Denmark;

Zohra Chiheb_How to grow community-led development in the UK;




This event was organised by the interdisciplinary research organisation AMPS (Architecture, Media, Politics, Society); its academic journal Architecture_MPS; Liverpool John Moores University and Liverpool City Council.  It forms part of the AMPS program of events, Housing – Critical Futures.

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