Media and Disciplines

PicasaReflecting the programme’s hybrid theme, its conferences and workshops seek to go beyond the standard conventions of verbal presentations and printed papers. It welcomes filmmakers to screen, photographers to display, developers of apps to launch products and run workshops. It also engages artists to create installations and hold events. Also reflecting the hybridity of these Mediated City events is the range of speakers and discipline backgrounds represented. This means participants come from  multiple backgrounds: architects, academics, planners, filmmakers, photographers, artists, activists, web designers, technologists, gamers, programmers, policy makers, innovators and more. A sample is given below:


Film Screenings:

film screen.





ELECTRIC SIGNS (57 mins), USA, 2012. Director: Alice Arnold

ANOTHER LONDON (90 mins) UK, 2014.  Director: Ektoras Arkomanis

THE HETEROTOPIAS AS CULT OF CAPITALISM (15 mins) Spain, 2013. Director: Pedro Bustamante

UNTITLED (34mins) Ireland, 2014. Director: David Brancaleone

DOUBT (18mins) Ireland, 2013. Director: David Brancaleone

ABOVE & BELOW THE STAIRS (20mins) Ireland, 2012. Director: David Brancaleone

SPRIT OF THE WICK (12mins) UK, 2012. Director: Rebecca Feiner




Workshops & Exhibitions:








Format: Workshop.

Names: Marisa Zanotti and Natalie Rowland.

An interdisciplinary workshop that considers how working with mobile devices can creatively draw and expand upon techniques drawn from filmmaking, navigation and choreography to reconsider the materiality of experience through the body produced in mobile space.


Format: Performance.

Names: Geraldine Dening and Simon Elmer

This performance is premised on an interested in the city as a site for performance, and how alternative performances of the existing city might change our perceptions of that city, and subsequently improve the way in which we (as architects/ planners/ city dwellers) intervene in it. The project involves a guided poetry walk involving the appropriation of various sites newar the conference venue in London.


Format: Workshop

Names: Metaxia Markaki

Addressing the nature of “the city” as a social, political and physical construction of multiple authorships, this workshop tries to identify traces of the various authors of the urban context. In order to collect these traces, each participant is asked to point out one or more urban elements, specifying its author (i.e. Street posters–political groups, traffic light–state control, dog and bird traces–nature interaction, building site–real estate market, burger leftovers–everyday living etc.), contributing with a small text, image or sketch. The outcome is a booklet and an online dictionary.


Format: Performance Presentation

Names: Joshua David Lynch

As part of the 2014 Sydney Architecture Festival the performance ‘Blindfold Critique’ took place. Involving Sydney Artist & Architect Professor Richard Goodwin being blindfolded and taken to a well know piece of Sydney architecture (he did not know where he was being taken) he was asked to critique the architecture without seeing it. The critique was recorded and edited into a three minute piece. Broadcast on national Radio during the festival as well as being exhibited in a space where people were be able to listen to the critiques at listening posts, it is presented at this conference as sound recordings running for 15minutes.











Alice Arnold: Filmmaker

Beatriz Garcia: Head of Research, The Institute of Cultural Capital

Diane H. Lewis: Professorf of Architecture, Cooper Union

Eames Demetrios: Filmmaker and Eames Historian

Evan Mather: Principal, AHBE Landscape Architects

Frances Anderton: Architecture Journalist

Harry Wiland and Dale Bell: Principals of Media Policty Center

James Hay: Director of Graduate Studies, Institute of Communications Research

John Zissovici: Professor of Architecture, Cornell University

Kalen Ockerman: Mural Artist

Marc Cucco:  Project Designer, Gensler

Mia Lehrer: Principal of Mia Lehrer and Associates

Mike Gatto. California State Assembly Member

Paul Debevec: Institute for Creative Technologies

Richard Jackson: Institute of the Environment & Sustainability

Steve Hawley: Professor and Associate Dean Research, Manchester School of Art

Terry Flaxton: Professor & Director, Center for Moving Images Research

Wil Cashen: Founder & Chairman, TESLA Foundation Group

and many more…….



Images by: Picasa; Riverhelp; Johnbod; Clay Shonkweiler