The Resource Repository aims to facilitate and promote collaborative research between academics and information professionals. It reflects our aim of supporting scholarly communication in all its facets: the creation, evaluation, dissemination and preservation of research.

Following the establishment of our open access journal, the resource repository was launched in 2013. Initially hosted exclusively on the website it is now hosted across platforms: website; Pinterest; Twitter and Facebook. Materials and information are added periodically in order to build up an extensive digital resource.

It is created by a team operating from various countries and aims to offer itself as a case of best practice of online research support. Its members are information specialists with a variety of backgrounds that use their research and subject expertise to facilitate the development of knowledge.

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Architecture_MPS is the owner of all intellectual property rights of materials produced for the journal by its associated personnel. Personnel are free to use materials they produce as examples of their work for Architecture_MPS in professional portfolios. Any other professional or commercial use of these must have prior permission from the editors and reference Architecture_MPS as the intellectual property owner.