PARADE engages with the interdisciplinary and international approach of AMPS to its fullest extent. The programme brings together multiple disciplines from multiple places.


Examples of organisations that have collaborated and presented include:


Atelier Herman Hertzberger, Holland  |  The Bartlett School of Architecture, UK  |  The Commission of Architecture and the Built Environment, UK  |  The Royal Institute of British Architects, UK  |  University College London Press, UK  |  The University of Johannesburg, South Africa  |  The Faculty of Public Health, UK  |  Politecnico di Milano, Italy  |  Home Builders Federation, UK  |  University of Cyprus  |  Oulu University, Finland  |  The University of the Gambia, Gambia  |  Cullinan Studio, UK  |  Technical University of Athens, Greece  |  The University of Derby, UK  |  The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China  |  Universidad Gestalt de Diseño, Mexico  |  Liverpool John Moores University, UK  |  University of Liverpool, UK  |  University of Seville, Spain  |  National University of Singapore  |  Defend Council Housing, UK  |  |  Institute of the Environment & Sustainability, USA  |  TESLA Foundation Group, USA  |  The University of the West of England  |  Greenside Design Center, South Africa  |  The Public Health Film Society, UK  |  Foundation of Arts and Creative Technologies, UK  |  Sixteen Films, UK  |  Universidad de Chile, Chile  |  Bluecoat Chambers Art, UK  |  The Cyprus Institute, Cyprus  |  National Federation of Builders, UK  |  London South Bank University  |   Swinburne University of Technology, Australia  |  Assemble, Art and Architecture Collective (Turner Prize Winners),  UK  |  Principals of Media Policy Center, USA  |  Institute of Communications Research, USA  |  National Housing Federation, UK  |  Liverpool City Council, UK  |  Northern Housing Consortium, UK  |  Brooks Institute, USA  | European Regional Development Fund, Belgium  |  UN Habitat University Initiative  | Woodbury University, USA  |  Centre for Moving Image research, UK  |  Arnolfini Centre for Contemporary Arts  |  Nicholas Grimshaw Architects, USA   |  Habitat for Humanity, South Africa   |  Bristol City Council, UK  |   ArchDaily  |  Vernon Press, Spain   |  UCL Press, UK   |   American Libraries Association, USA  |   Intellect Books, UK  |   Royal Town Planning Institute, UK  |  ECTP-CEU. European Council of Spatial Planners – Conseil européen des urbanistes, Belgium  |  Centre for Alternative Technologies, UK  |  Architects Without Frontiers, Australia  |   Centre for Design Innovation, Australia  |  Libri Publishing, UK  |  Altinbaş Foundation / Istanbul Kemerburgaz University, Turkey  |  The Institute of Cultural Capital, UK  |  AHBE Landscape Architects, USA  |  Gensler, USA  |  California State Assembly, USA  |  Derby City Council, UK  |  Institute for Creative Technologies, USA  |  and many more…


To get involved in PARADE contact the managerial team: