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In addition to its standard array of materials, AMPS periodically creates other resources, collated here are a number of other examples.


obama-08blogSupported by a Carnegie-Whitney Grant in 2014 from the American Library Association, AMPS has created an extensive webliography and a research guide related to the use of architecture in political campaign imagery in the US.




1. The Use of Architecture for Political Means in the US – A Multi-Disciplinary Webliography for Scholars



2. The Use of Architecture for Political Means in the US – A Multi-Disciplinary Research Guide for Scholars

These resources were produced as part of the AMPS Host Project initiative. This program seeks to support the work of international researchers concerned with the themes of the journal.  Within its framework the host researcher identifies a theme which will be developed in collaboration with the Research Support Team.

As part of this program the researcher is expected to work towards publications and it is anticipated that they will publish at least two articles under the aegis of the ‘host project’ as their work develops. They are welcomed to use the site for the archiving of their work upon completion.

AMPS will continue to develop these resources with the help of its Researchers and Research Support Team. For this project, special thanks is given to the IS Committee and its team of early career librarians.



The recently completed host project was supported by AMPS for the period 2013-2015. The theme was ‘Architecture as Political Image’. The expected book publication resulting from this is entitled Representation and Reification: Architecture in the Politico-Media-Complex. It examines both current and historical examples of the representation of architecture in political images; whether they be painting, photography, television or internet imagery.

The theme of ARCHITECTURE  AS  POLITICAL  IMAGE represents an area of study concerned with a triangular analysis of the relationship between politics, advertising and architecture – both historically and in contemporary contexts. It seeks to highlight how the strategies underlying the presentation of architecture in “political communication” are intrinsically linked with the advertising industry and seeks to underline how this has, and still does, influence constructed architecture.




LISTINGS  2012 – current:


In addition to Pinterest, AMPS listings are maintained in a more traditional online format for preservation. The resources below include archival and current book reviews, listings of relevant conferences and exhibitions, alongside film and exhibition reviews. Below is a selection:



The title of the 2015 edition of the Chicago Architecture Biennial will be The State of the Art of Architecture.

biomimickry1What is The State of the Art of Architecture today? More than a profession or a repertoire of built artifacts, architecture is a dynamic cultural practice that permeates fundamental registers of everyday life—from housing to education, from environmental awareness to economic growth, from local communities to global networks. In an age of accelerated change, today’s architects, artists, designers, planners, and activists are developing an extraordinary range of visionary ideas that test the limits of these realms of everyday life. As a platform for the creative breakthroughs that are reimagining the ways we inhabit and shape the world around us, the Chicago Architecture Biennial will bring an international and intergenerational network of architectural talent together to explore the ambitions, challenges and possibilities that are fueling the architectural imagination today and steering the future of the field.


Conference Listings:

ARE WE HUMAN? THE DESIGN OF THE SPECIES. 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial

Microphone1-1The 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial will be held from 22 October to 4 December 2016. The curators Beatriz Colomina and Mark Wigley announced the concept of the 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial at a media meeting held on Tuesday, 1 December in the Istanbul Archaeological Museums Library. Following the welcome speech by the director of the Istanbul Design Biennial Deniz Ova, the curators Beatriz Colomina and Mark Wigley announced that the 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial is entitled “ARE WE HUMAN? : The Design of the Species : 2 seconds, 2 days, 2 years, 200 years, 200,000 years” and will explore the intimate relationship between the concepts of “design” and “human.”


Book Reviews:

Sir Banister Fletcher’s A History of Architecture. Bloomsbury Publishing, the University of London and the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) 2016.

armed conflictProfessor Murray Fraser of The Bartlett School of Architecture has been appointed as General Editor of the 21st edition of Sir Banister Fletcher’s A History of Architecture. The ‘all new’ edition of this classic work takes on a revised title – Sir Banister Fletcher’s Global History of Architecture – and will be published in print and online formats by Bloomsbury Publishing in late 2017. Reflecting the significant shifts in perspective since its first publication, the change of title heralds a truly globalised approach to architectural history, and marks this distinguished book’s 120th anniversary. ‘No one before has tried to write such an extensive history of architecture using expert contributors from all around the world’, notes Professor Fraser. ‘We are delighted to be setting a new benchmark in this regard’.


Film Reviews and Listings:

The Architecture & Design Film Festival 2015 | 2016

The Architecture & Design Film Festival, celebrates the unique creative spirit that drives architecture and design. With a curated selection of films, events and panel discussions, ADFF creates an opportunity to entertain, engage and educate all types of people who are excited about architecture and design. With well-attended screenings, legendary panelists, vibrant discussions and events in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, it has grown into the nation’s largest film festival devoted to the subject. The ADFF also programs for international film festivals as well as cultural institutions and private venues.