Parade conferences





PARADE will continue the work of AMPS in promoting global events, regional topics & local debates on multiple inseparable subjects.



Istanbul, Turkey:

Moving Images – Static Spaces?  The Blurring of Architectures, Film, Art, Design

12-13 April 2018



Los Angeles, USALA:

The Mediated City (Two) – 50 years in the global village

01-04 October, 2014


LondonLondon, UK:

The Mediated City (One) – smart cities, political cities

01-03 April, 2014


LiverpoolLiverpool, UK:

Housing – A Critical Perspective: an interdisciplinary examination

08-09 April 2015   


 SantiagoSantiago de Chile:

Sustainable Strategies for Social Integration in the City, the Neighbourhood and Housing

11 August 2015


SevilleSeville, Spain:

Obsolescence and Renovation – 20th Century Housing

14-15 December, 2015 


CyprusNicosia, Cyprus:

Housed by Choice, Housed by Force: conflict and conflicting interests

21-22 January, 2016


bristolBristol, UK:

Digital-Cultural Ecology and the Medium Sized City ……………

01-03 April, 2016


MelbourneMelbourne, Australia:

Future Housing – Global Cities and Regional Problems

09-10 June 2016



Liverpool, UK:

Government and Housing in a Time of Crisis : Policy, Planning, Design and Delivery  .

08-09 September 2016


LondonLondon, UK:

Living and Sustainability – An Environmental Critique of the Building Practices of Housing. 

09-10 February, 2017



Derby, UK:

Cities, Communities and Homes: is the future livable? 

22-23 June 2017


 bristolBristol, UK:

Healthy Cities – The Design, Planning and Politics of How and Where We Live ……………

25-26 January, 2018


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:

Constructing an Urban Future   ………………………….

18-19 March 2018 



brisbaneBrisbane, Australia:

The City in the Age of Technological Representation 

2018 (TBC)




Under the umbrella of PARADE, a diverse set of conferences, publications and workshops can be held. Each event is interdisciplinary and seeks to link ideas from multiple fields with each other through the medium of the built environment.



For details on co-organising an event with AMPS, contact: