MutHwaBCAt the heart of the Mediated City Research Programme are a series of conferences intended to bring together diverse thinkers from different but related fields. Each conference sets an outline theme that is opened to all disciplines. The aim is to provide a discursive forum for international research exchange. Three broad themes have emerged from conferences thus far around the intersection of cities/urbanism and medias/technologies: design and planning; experience and participation; representation.


Examples of themes and issues dealt with include:


– Architects and planners have focused on the consequences of new technologies for the physical infrastructures of the modern city.

– Activists and technologists have  discussed the potential of new technologies and medias to alter the way citizens interact in the city and interact with those designing and governing it.

– Photographers and filmmakers have explored the historical representation of the city and new modalities of viewing and recording.

– Digital artists, designers and theorists have engaged with the development of augment and virtual realities and the changing nature of sensorial perceptions of the urban experience.


Below is a list of the conferences held thus far, or in development:



Mediated City 1: The Mediated City – smart cities, political cities

April 01-03 April, 2014

Ravensbourne (University College)



By SeroujMediated City 2. The Mediated City – 50 years in the global village

October 01-04,   2014

Woodbury University,

Los Angeles


Sonny AbesamisMediated City 3. Digital-Cultural Ecology and the Medium Sized City

01-03 April 2016

University of the West of England



Mediated City 4. Moving Images – Static Spaces?  The blurring of Architectures, Film, Animation, Digital Art, Coding and Design

12-13 April 2018

Altinbaş Foundation – Istanbul Kemerburgaz University

Istanbul, Turkey.