Theme: Architecture as Political Image


The theme of ARCHITECTURE  AS  POLITICAL  IMAGE represents an area of study concerned with a triangular analysis of the relationship between politics, advertising and architecture – both historically and in contemporary contexts. It seeks to highlight how the strategies underlying the presentation of architecture in “political communication” are intrinsically linked with the advertising industry and seeks to underline how this has, and still does, influence constructed architecture.

It is focused on general political imagery and specific election campaign images in the United States and the United Kingdom and suggests that the political arena is one in which architecture finds itself both contributing to, and being a product of, the politico-media-complex.

The theme is of contemporary concern but also has a history. The outputs resulting from this host project will then include up-to-date materials and works that offer an historical overview of the use of architectural imagery as “political communication”. They will thus cover contemporary events in both the US and the UK; have specific focus on the situation since the end of World War II; but also include materials related to the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

Its research support materials and related events are scheduled for open access release in 2015.

  • An open-access research guide
  • Thematic webliography
  • Thematic bibliography


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